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From HOS’s Desk

The Glocal University is envisaged to be an enduring global center of excellence in higher education. Our message to the students is ‘Think Globally Act Locally’. We aim to produce highly trained professionals who could contribute towards the growth of the society and nation. As we look to the future one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after within India and around the world. We focus on the challenges to generate ideas that will benefit society.

We evaluate and train our students for their specialized knowledge and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems so that they meet the requirements of all types of opportunities they get in future. To cope up with the challenges, our University has built alliances and collaborative partnerships with many reputed Universities, business and other research institutions. It helps to ensure the on-going relevance of our academic programmes and the continued excellence of our teaching, learning and research. Our curriculum is learner-centric & anchored in research & innovation, driven by an outstanding faculty. Our School has a multidisciplinary character with progressive interdisciplinary research led learning. Our regular advisory and tutorial programs help the students in securing success in governmental and private sectors.

I look forward to working with all ‘GLOCALites’ and walk with our well-wishers in this challenging journey towards our goal. I welcome all students to be part of this reputed University and wish them to be asset for the society and Nation.

Good Wishes.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Kashyap

School of Life & Allied Health Sciences,
Glocal University