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Why Life and Allied Health Sciences

High diversity in life sciences

The School provides highly diverse and sophisticated courses in life sciences. Topics of studies range from biomolecules to ecology. And the flexible curriculum offered by the School also fits the needs of individual students for a promising career ahead.

World class education

The extraordinary reputation of our programs and the excellent quality in education are commended and affirmed by the Quality Assurance Council of the Glocal University.

Excellent faculty and research

The School has a marvelous team of experienced teachers who are field-pioneers and outstanding researchers. With a variety of the state-of-the-art equipments and our excellent research team, we ensure that our teaching and research will continue to prosper.Indeed, the faculty members have been recognized to be commendable that over the last years, our teachers have been receiving various teaching and research awards.

High internationalization

Our programs attract local and overseas students. For the International students, all the required facilities are available which made them feel at home.

Study Scheme

One principal highlight of the School of Life and Allied Health Sciences programs is the new design of the unique study scheme. In the first term of study, students admitted to the Life and Allied Health Sciences programs enroll in compulsory courses in fundamental biology and chemistry, which serve as the foundations for subsequent specialized studies in life sciences. Then, in the second term, the study focuses on the exploration of the different majors of interest such as Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Medical Lab Technology at graduate level.